About Legacy

As veteran investors and brokers, we understand the value of having a partner equipped with insights that transcend the scope of the local market.

We take pride in tailoring a strategy that matches your specific needs – from strategic acquisition in emerging markets to value add strategies in your local market; our goal is to add tangible value. We’re trained to look at each transaction from a multitude of angles.

Our network becomes your network. Think about this for a moment. All the years of deal-making, experience, relationships are now yours.


Our team has over 60 years of experience in real estate. This has helped us orchestrate over $500 million in real estate investments in Venice and San Diego, California and to raise or broker over $1 billion in equity worldwide.


Small to Large Scale Acquisitions

Legacy Acquisitions participates in acquisition projects of all sizes. We approach every deal with a commitment to our clients and a dedication to getting results; whether the property is a small multifamily or a large commercial asset.

Proven Strategies

Over the years, we’ve accumulated experiences that have led us to develop our core beliefs. These beliefs are apparent in nearly every interaction we have with clients, investors, managers, employees and colleagues.

No snobs.  Best idea wins.
Simple, not simplistic. We favor clarity over agreement.
Disciplined. Adapt if necessary, but avoid bright shiny objects.
Value. Our aim is to find it and deliver it.

“Great work ethic.  They think out of the box and are visionary, looking ahead, solving problems, and finding answers.  Any client would greatly profit from working with them.”

Jim HarrickProfessional Speaker, Author, and former UCLA National Champion Coach and National Coach of the Year.

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