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Here are some of our recent deals.

  • 1782 Corte Ventana, Oceanside CA (own and manage)
  • 1020 Granville, Brentwood CA (own and manage)
  • 12402 Jupiter Road, Dallas TX (own and manage)
  • 212 Neece, Long Beach CA (own and manage)
  • Dogtown Station, Venice CA (disposed 35 units)
  • 824 Pine Tree, Thousand Oaks CA (own and manage)
  • 742 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey CA (represented owner; multiple leases, acquisition, and disposition)
  • 3206 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey CA (represented owner: leasing and disposition)
  • Linus Bikes (advised multiple transactions)
  • Cynergy Cycles (advised multiple transactions)
  • PS Business Parks, Culver City CA (represented PS Business Parks; multiple lease transactions)
  • Public Storage PSX;NYSE (represented Public Storage; multiple lease transactions)
  • 80 Windward, Venice CA (multiple transactions)
  • Time Warner (lease transactions)
  • Screen Actors Guild (represented SAG on multiple lease and acquisition transactions throughout the United States).
  • 72 Windward, Venice CA (multiple transactions)
  • Gorilla Brands (multiple transactions throughout the United States including North Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas)
  • iFixandRepair & Gear (represented iFAR on multiple lease and franchise acquisitions and dispositions throughout the United States).
  • Clear Channel Communications and iHeartMedia (multiple transactions throughout the United States).

NSD Ventures advised Cynergy Cycles on multiple leasing transactions in Santa Monica.

NSD Ventures advised Landlord on multiple leases.

80 Windward, Venice CA

Brokered multiple leases for Pacifica Capital Group

330 Washington Boulevard, Marina Del Rey

Brokered over $100 Million worth of leases for PS Business Parks (NYSE:PSB)

Integrated Wealth Management $1 Billion RIA. NSDV consulted and partnered on several transactions totaling over $40 Million.

Public Storage (NYSE:PSA) Brokered over $5 Million of leases

“NSDV are deal-savvy, customer-service focused deal-makers. They really take care of their clients and investors”

Jay GoldbergSenior Mortgage Banker, Bank of Hope

NSDV is one of the very best Commercial Real Estate firms I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  They are tremendous strategists with an insane work ethic.  Not only that, they operate with the highest integrity.  I could not recommend them more.”

David PinselPresident, Charles Dunn 

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