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Legacy Acquisitions’ mission is to help others succeed in building wealth through real estate.  Our goal is to do anything possible to improve the lives of each investor, member of our staff, tenants, partners and vendors.


Legacy has completed over $750 Million in transactions and currently maintains a Multifamily portfolio of over 1000 units.

“Legacy is one of the very best Commercial Real Estate firms I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  They are tremendous strategists with an insane work ethic.  Not only that, they operate with the highest integrity.  I could not recommend them more.”

David Pinsel –President, Charles Dunn



“I was impressed with the level of [Legacy’s] professionalism. When they said they would do something, it got done.”

R. Garza


“They earned trust from the buyers by communicating with genuine sincerity. They always stayed on top of all issues without losing details. It would be my pleasure working with them again.”

Ki Ryu –VP of Development, Legado Companies

Serve Others

“Legacy is professional, friendly, and a joy to work with. I would recommend them to any investor looking for a team to bring them deals.”

Michael ChaseToby award winning Senior Asset Manager with RP Realty

Growth Oriented

“Legacy is driven, professional with a deep understanding of the fundamentals necessary to be successful in the commercial real estate community. They formulate deep relationships necessary to winning deals and influencing people. If you can choose the people with which to do business, Legacy epitomizes the team you want working your transaction.”

Scott SelkeManaging Director, Integrated Capital Management


Legacy specializes in collaborating with Housing Urban Development (HUD) in order to limit downside rental risk. HUD applications outnumber available HUD approved units by 30,000 in many of the markets we invest. The low supply of HUD properties will limit exposure during an economic downturn.


Legacy provides off market cash flowing opportunities by purchasing B and C multifamily properties in markets that are emerging.

Partner with good people. We will invest in deals lead by other sponsors as well.
Hire the most talented people; provide them with the best training and tools to succeed.

Employ our specialized research process to uncover the best submarkets and neighborhoods.

Stress test each deal.

Back test the last deal.

Using our experience in hundreds of transactions, we aim to add value to the asset, then execute a sound operation and disposition strategy.

Consistent updates to our investors.

Speed up the feedback loop so we can improve faster.


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We primarily invest in markets that have the following attributes:
+ ascending population growth
+ ascending economic growth
+ economic diversity
+ economic drivers plus pro business and pro growth local govt
+ strong HUD opportunity

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We purchase residential and apartment buildings. Sellers love our approach and we close quickly. We buy with cash and often cases without an appraisal, inspections or financing contingencies.


Do you have a requirement to purchase? Due to the volume of transactions each year, we often come across deals that don’t fit our criteria. Truthfully, we love being the connector to other real estate professionals and vendors. Give us a call.

“One of the easiest escrows I have ever had, and I have been a Real Estate Broker over 40 years!”

-S. Ferrell

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