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Best Reasons to Invest in Fresno Multifamily Real Estate

Now is a good time to invest in Fresno multifamily real estate. The quality of life in the Bay Area City appeals to diverse populations. The economy is on the rebound. Additionally, it’s one of the most affordable housing markets in the nation. These attributes make Fresno an appealing location for investors seeking multifamily investment […]

Top Benefits of Long Distance Multifamily Investing

Owning rental property has some level of risk. This is especially true with long distance multifamily investing. The process of finding, buying and managing outside your locale has its challenges. It is not the easiest thing to do but many investors find value in it. Despite the risks associated with procuring long distance real estate, […]

Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

Is Multifamily Real Estate Syndication Better Than Single Family Homes? Multifamily real estate syndication has several advantages over single-family home investments. With SFHs you take on all the risks and responsibilities. This not the case when you work with a syndicator. Plus, you can make bigger deals with the same amount of funds. There are […]

“I worked with NSDV as a project manager while they were in charge of sales and development on a new residential development project in Los Angeles.

They earned trust from the buyers by communicating with genuine sincerity. They always stayed on top of all issues without losing details. It would be my pleasure working with them again.”

-Ki RyuVP of Development, Legado Companies 

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