Property Management

We have full discretion over all investment decisions

Real estate investments can provide significant, consistent returns. However, managing properties requires knowledge, experience and time commitment. When you work with NSD Ventures as your asset management partner, you get all this and more. Our experienced advice and dedicated work will help you to minimize your vacancy times while maximizing your return on investment.

We offer a comprehensive set of property management services. Rest assured knowing that with NSD Ventures as a partner, you will always get the best results.

Here’s what you get when you invest with NSD Ventures:


to a great valuable resource


better expected ROI through our system


by a team of experience real estate professionals


across hundreds of commercial properties

NSD Ventures

Since our founding in August 2014, NSD Ventures has grown to be one of the most successful real estate asset management companies in the Venice and San Diego, CA, regions. The company began as a branch of RAD Ventures that continued to grow until later spinning off into an independent operation. NSD Ventures continued to partner with RAD Ventures on projects around the country and world.